mdtranslator translate provides command line access to the ADIwg metadata translator, mdTranslator. The translate method converts input metadata to supported established metadata metadata formats. The CLI accepts an input metadata file with options to select the input reader format, writer output format, display empty tags in XML outputs, and choose level of validation for mdJson input files.

Usage: mdtranslator translate [FILE] -r, --reader=READER

Options: -r, --reader=READER

Reader to read your input metadata file
Possible values: mdJson

-w, [--writer=WRITER]

Writer to create your output metadata file, leave blank to validate input only
Possible values: iso19115_2, iso19110, html

-v, [--validate=VALIDATE]

Specify level of validation to be performed
Default: normal
Possible values: none, normal, strict

-s, [--showAllTags], [--no-showAllTags]

Include tags for unused attributes

-m, [--messages=MESSAGES]

On error return messages as formatted text or json object
Default: text
Possible values: json, text

-o, [--returnObject], [--no-returnObject]

Return full JSON object generated by translator


Fully qualified link to a CSS file to customize HTML writer output


Local CSS file or inline CSS to customize HTML writer output