Internal Object


The taxonClass object provides a specification for the range of taxa addressed in the data set or collection. It is recommended that one provide information starting from the taxonomic rank of kingdom, to a level which reflects the data set or collection being documented. The levels of Kingdom, Division/Phylum, class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species should be included as ranks as appropriate.

    def newTaxonClass
        intObj = {
            commonName: nil,
            taxRankName: nil,
            taxRankValue: nil

commonName: string - specification of the common name. Common names may be general descriptions of a group of organisms if appropriate (e.g., insects, vertebrate, grasses, waterfowl, vascular plants, etc.).

taxRankName: string (required) - name of the taxonomic rank for which the taxonValue is provided. Example:

  • "Kingdom"
  • "Division"
  • "Phylum"
  • "Subphylum"
  • "SuperClass"
  • "Class"
  • "SubClass"
  • "InfraClass"
  • "Superorder"
  • "Order"
  • "Suborder"
  • "Infraorder"
  • "Superfamily"
  • "Family"
  • "Subfamily"
  • "Tribe"
  • "Subtribe"
  • "Genus"
  • "Species"
  • "Subspecies"

taxRankValue: string (required) - the latin name or taxonomic rank value of the taxon being described