Internal Object


The spatialReferenceSystem object describes the geospatial referencing system associated with the spatial extent of the data resource. The referencing can be provided indirectly by an EPSG number, a named reference, or providing the parameters in a well known text (WKT) format. Note that this object is used to describe the overall spatial and extent of the entire resource. When defining a specific reference system within a geoElement, the SRS object should be used instead.

    def newSpatialReferenceSystem
        intObj = {
            sRNames: [],
            sREPSGs: [],
            sRWKTs: []

sRNames: array - an array of quoted strings providing recognized reference system name(s)

sREPSGs: array - an array integers providing EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset numbers for the reference system, see for EPSG numbers.

sRWKTs: array - an array of quoted Well-known Text (WKT) representation of the reference system(s).