Internal Object


The resourceId object contains information about identifiers associated with a resource. Identifiers can be in many forms including acronyms, uuids, alternate names, or database keys. They can be used to include any names or codes by which a project or data resources may be known.

    def newResourceId
        intObj = {
            identifier: nil,
            identifierType: nil,
            identifierNamespace: nil,
            identifierVersion: nil,
            identifierDescription: nil,
            identifierCitation: {}

identifier: string (required) - the identifier.

identifierType: string - the type of identifier such as uuid, acronym, or something specific like 'Global Terrestrial Permafrost Network ID'.

identifierNamespace: string - the established collection to which this identifier is a member.

identifierVersion: string - the version of the identifier if versioned.

identifierDescription: string - a natural language description of the identifier.

citation: object - a citation object to cite the source or issuing agency of a particular identifier.