Internal Object


The onlineResource: array holds links and other information to a contact's (indiviual or organization) resources exposed on the internet.

    def newOnlineResource
        intObj = {
            olResURI: nil,
            olResProtocol: nil,
            olResName: nil,
            olResDesc: nil,
            olResFunction: nil

olResURI: string - a Universal Resource Identifier (URI) for the online resource. May be either a Uiversal Resource Locator (URL) or Universe Resource Name (URN). The URI generally points to a web page, website, or online service.

olResProtocol: string - the protocol supported by the URI (e.g., http, ftp, etc.).

olResName: string - a user supplied name for the URI.

olResDesc: string - a short description of the URI.

onResFunction: string - the purpose of the online resource (e.g., information, data, etc.).