Internal Object


The metadataInfo: object contains information about the metadata record itself. This is not the metadata for the resource, that metadata can be found in the resourceInfo section.

    def newMetadataInfo
        intObj = {
            metadataId: {},
            parentMetadata: {},
            metadataCustodians: [],
            metadataCreateDate: {},
            metadataUpdateDate: {},
            metadataCharacterSet: nil,
            metadataURI: nil,
            metadataStatus: nil,
            maintInfo: {},
            extensions: []

metadataId: object - a resourceId object containing a user provided unique identifier for the metadata record. The identifier is potentially used by metadata clearinghouses for identification and maintenance of the metadata record. The object is of type resourceId. The citation section of resourceId is ignored in this context.

parentMetadata: object - a citation object that identifies the parent metadata for which this metadata record is a subset (child). This might identify a parent project or funding initiative or larger cited data collection.

metadataCustodians: array - an array of responsibleParty objects for persons or organizations responsible for metadata information.

metadataCreateDate: object - a dateTime object for the date this metadata record was created.

metadataUpdateDate: object - a dateTime object for the date the metadata content was last updated.

metadataCharacterSet: string - the language in which the metadata record in written.

metadataURI: string - Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) of this metadata record.

metadataStatus: string - The status of the metadata record; e.g. complete, amended, provisional.

mainInfo: object - a resourceMaint object that provides information about the frequency of metadata updates, and the scope of those updates.

extensions array - Information about metadata extensions. This object is automatically populated for ISO writers requiring the biological extension.