Internal Object


The metadata: object holds the body of the metadata for the resource. It is organized into the 5 major sections defined below.

    def newMetadata
        intObj ={
            metadataInfo: {},
            resourceInfo: {},
            distributorInfo: [],
            associatedResources: [],
            additionalDocuments: []

metadataInfo: object - an object containing information about the metadata record itself.

resourceInfo: object - an object containg the metadata for the resource being described by this metadata record.

distributorInfo: array - an array of distributor objects containing information about distributors or distribution points for the data or service described by this metadata record.

associatedResources: array - an array of associatedResources objects referencing resources which have some direct lineage to the central resource of this metadata such as parent or child datasets or projects.

additionalDocuments: array - an array of additionalDocumentation objects identifying other documents related to, but not defining, the resource such as factsheets, data catalog pages, award documents, proposal, informational websites.