Internal Object


The dictionaryDomain object contains a list of permissable values used to constrain an attribute's value. A single domain list may be assigned to multiple attributes in a database or even in a single table.

    def newDictionaryDomain
        intObj = {
            domainId: nil,
            domainName: nil,
            domainCode: nil,
            domainDescription: nil,
            domainItems: []

domainId: string (required) - a user provided unique ID for this domain. The ID will be used to locate the domain in the domain array.

domainName: string - a short common name for the domain.

domainCode: string - the code or 'lookup table' name for the domin used in the database schema definitions.

domainDescription: string - a brief description of the domain including identification of any established sources used in creating the list of domain items.

domainItems: array (required) - an array of domainItem objects that enumerate and define the valid values for a domain.