Internal Object


The coverageInfo object contains information about the content of grid cells.

    def newCoverageInfo
        intObj = {
            coverageType: nil,
            coverageName: nil,
            coverageDescription: nil,
            processingLevel: {},
            coverageItems: [],
            imageInfo: {}

coverageType: string - type of information represented by the cell value. Example: image, thematic classification, physical measurement...

coverageName: string - name of the coverage.

coverageDescription: string - a natural language description of the coverage.

processingLevel: object - a resourceId object identifying the image distributor’s code that identifies the level of radiometric and geometric processing applied to the coverage.

coverageItems: array - an array of coverageItem providing information about the item described by the grid cell.

imageInfo: object - a imageInfo object providing information about the image.