Internal Object


The contact: object holds the information about a discrete contact that may be used multiple times throughout the metadata record.

A contact object may describe an individual, an organization, or both.


    def newContact
        intObj = {
            contactId: nil,
            indName: nil,
            orgName: nil,
            position: nil,
            primaryRole: nil,
            phones: [],
            address: {},
            onlineRes: [],
            contactInstructions: nil

contactId: alphaNumeric (required) - a user provided unique ID for this contact. This will be used to locate this contact in the contact array.

indName: string - name of the contact. A format for the name is enforced.

orgName: string - name of the organization.

position: string - the position or title of the individual within the organization.

primaryRole: string - the main role of the contact in relation to the resource.

phones: array - an array of phone objects associated with the individual and/or organization.

address: object - an address object with the mailing or physical address for the individual or organization.

onlineRes: array - an array of onlineResource objects associated with the individual or organization.

contactInstructions: text - an open text field to provide any specific information about contacting the individual or organization.