Internal Object


The citation: object contains information that identifies the project, data, publication or other resource being described by the metadata. The citation object is used many places throughout the metadata record, so the resource being identified is always dependent on the context in which the citation was placed.

    def newCitation
        intObj = {
            citTitle: nil,
            citAltTitle: nil,
            citDate: [],
            citEdition: nil,
            citResourceIds: [],
            citResponsibleParty: [],
            citResourceForms: [],
            citOlResources: []

citTitle: string (required) - a name for the resource being described.

citAltTitle: string - an alternate or more descriptive title for the resource being rescribed.

citDate: object - a dateTime object for the date when the citation was valid for the resource.

citEdition: string - edition or version of the resource.

citResourceIds: array - an array of resourceId objects containing identifier for the resource.

citResponsibleParty: array - an array of responsibleParty objects identifying people and/or organizations that play a role in the creation, maintenance, or administration of the resource that is of particular interest to the users of this metadata record.

citResourceForms: array - an array of strings that describe the forms in which the resource is available (e.g., digitalText, image, or video).

citOlResource: array - an array of onlineResource objects related to the resource.